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Dr Andrea Wiessner



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Initial consultations for adults last for about 1 ½ hours and for children usually one hour. In order to find the right homoeopathic remedy for you, I need to get an understanding of you as a whole. I will enquire about your particular complaints and how you experience them and how your organism responds to the environment. I will need to investigate your past medical history, your family history, medication etc. and I will also need to find out about you as a person. We will look together for situations or events that might have contributed to your organism being out of balance. This might include either life events or physical exposure to anything your body might have reacted to. A physical examination, if necessary, follows and we usually discuss life style, diet and general medical issues along with any changes that might be beneficial for you. This also includes further clinical investigations if they should be necessary. Anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral therapy sessions last for one hour, for adults and children alike. During the first consultation we usually spend a little bit more time going into your or your child’s history, main complaints, past medical history, injuries and birth history. Therefore, during the first session the actual treatment will be a little bit shorter. During follow-up consultations, we will use most of the time for the actual treatment.

Health insurances unfortunately do not pay for Craniosacral Therapy.


I see my private patients at Kingyo Therapy Suites in 58 South Molton Street in Central London. Travel: Bond Street tube station is 2 minutes away.

Kingyo Therapy Suites,

58 South Molton Street,
020 77061997

Appointments can be made via me or at Kingyo Therapy Suites.

For directions please check under contact us

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